Twitter for Interior Designers? / by Karen Swanson

Taking off my "designer" hat and putting on my "director of social media" hat... Pondering what platforms other interior designers find most useful for their business? Is Facebook still a thing? What about Houzz vs. Pinterest?

I must admit, I don't understand Twitter. I'm not sure what it can do for my business... However, I was an Instagram neophyte just two years ago... Now I can't imagine running a business as focused on aesthetics without it. Are there multitudes of designers better at Instragram? absolutely!, but you have to walk before you run and I am lightyears ahead of where I started. Pondering (again), in two years time will I question how I lived without Twitter?

When I signed up for Twitter, I thought my handle would be @ne/dw, in fact that is what I wanted and what I thought I was getting... to my surprise it is @nedw16 - okay? um... why? Wish I knew... But a bit of tinkering and I was able to change it to something more suitable (which involved reading multiple articles of the dangers of using an underscore in your twitter handle). I opted for @nedwks - the KS for Karen Swanson but also a bit of an abbreviation for works.

So this non-techy designer is interfacing with tech quite a lot as I build this website, start blogging, tweeting and whatever else one does when they wish to be on top of their social media game. Would love to hear from other creative professionals... how do you use twitter? and what other platforms do you use? and why? The obvious reason would be to find new clients, but are there reasons beyond that?

Putting my designer hat back on, Bye for now! xo Karen